Anti Snoring Kit by Direct Bed
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Snoring Causes a LOT of problems, not just embarassment.
There’s Got To be a Cheaper alternative to CPAP
If you go to your Doctor, they are most likely TRAINED to recommend CPAP to you. Really? A $2000.00 to $3000.00 inconvenient machine, that requires up to $500.00 in new parts every year to maintain. What’s worse, CPAP creates a lifetime dependence for this breathing machine.

If you are considering CPAP, wouldn’t it at least make a little bit of sense to try some less expensive alternatives first?

Direct Bed has picked the Top 5 Anti Snoring tools on the Market today that have shown effectiveness in STOPPING snoring and packaged them in 1 kit. If you had to purchase all solutions individually, you would pay over $229.00 with shipping.
Drug Store Retailers carry these anti-snoring solutions for over $50.00 each!
$229.00 Our 5-Piece Anti Snore Package is now only $69 from Direct Bed, shipped FREE to your Door!
This 5 Piece Anti Snoring Bundle allows you to experiment with less expensive snoring solutions and improves your chances of getting your winning anti-snoring solution. This Anti-Snoring Combo comes with:
  • (1) Anti Snoring Strap $30
  •  (1) Anti Snoring Nose Clip $40
  •  (1) Anti Snoring Nose Filter $25
  •  (4) Anti Snoring Nose Cones $35
  •  (50) Anti Snoring Nose Strips $70

  •  (1) Shipping Fee$29

Total Value: $229
Which is 70% off
Nasal Strips are drug-free adhesive strips with a unique reflex design that are proven to instantly relieve nasal congestion and reduce or eliminate snoring.
Structure of nasal patch:
1.Two flexible “spring-like” pieces gently lift upwards the congested nasal passages so you can breathe through your nose, close your mouth and stop snoring, allowing you and your partner to get a good night’s rest.

2. Special adhesive holds the strip comfortably in place.

3. Improves airflow by 31%.
Function of nasal patch:
  • To improve sleep disorders caused by nasal congestion, temporarily reduce or alleviate snoring.
  • To better reliving these symptoms such as sleep apnea caused by congested airway between Lungs, Snoring, pharyngitis and others.
  • Salidroside, its active substance, features with anti-anoxia, anti-radiation, to enhance oxygen diffusion among cells.
  • To recover the weak muscles from its original metabolic activities.
  • Usage is quite simple, safe and effective.
  • No side effects.
  • Suitable for different ages, different genders of all types of snoring.
  • Expand nasal passages.
  • Used for relief nasal congestion caused by cold, allergy and rhinitis.
  • Reduce snore and improve breathe for athletes.
  • Nasal Strips can provide temporary relief from nasal congestion and stuffiness and may also reduce or eliminate snoring.
  • Great Value Nasal strips for people who would like to reduce or stop their or their partners snoring but don’t want to pay through the nose to do it.
  • Helps improved breathing through the nose by gently opening the nasal passage.
  • If you or your partner snore these strips are a must have item.
  • Proven to help reduce or eliminate snoring.
  • Improve airflow for athletes, great for use in exercise classes, great for asthma, hayfever & colds.
  • Ideal for Dry or Sensitive Skin
  • Gentle on skin. Easy to remove. Comfortable to wear.
Product Features 
  • 1. Simple and effective open mouth Snoring Solution in the market. Stop Snoring Sleep Solution.
  • 2. Prevents ~ Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Bruxism, TMJ Pain
  • 3. Adjustable – One size fits all.
  • 4. Made with High Quality, Breathable Neoprene, Latex Free, Non Allergic Natural Solution.
Package Includes:
1 * Blue Strap For Man Woman
Product Features 
  • 1. ABS and silicone material is environmental, harmless and soft to fit in the nostril firmly and comfortably.
  • 2. Relieves snore and nasal congestion to give you and her a good sleep and smooth breath. Aids sleep apnea without disturbing normal sleep. Purifies air to allow you to breathe healthy and fresh air.
  • 3. Mini size with light weight will not add extra pressure to nose, also is convenient to carry.
  • Form                                                           Color Blue
  • Material                                                   ABS + Silicone
  • Quantity                                                 1 piece
Packing List:
1 x Anti Snore Device
Product Features 
  • 1. Brand new and high quality
  • 2. Prevents Snoring, Sleep Apnea & Dry-Mouth. Manufactured under strict quality control and medical grade materials.
  • 3. Slit design for keeping nasal hair to keep foreign and unwanted particles from entering the lungs
  • 4. Advanced Conical shape makes it feel very comfortable in the nose. Reusable each lasts up to 1 Year.
Care Instructions:
Thoroughly clean the Nasal Cones with warm water after use and dry.
Store the Nasal Cone in the protective case to keep it safe, in its shape and sanitary until it’s next use
Product Features 
  •  1. Brand New and High Quality
  • 2. Safe, convenient and reusable
  • 3. Applicable to any shape of nostrils
  • 4. Get a decent snore-free night’s sleep
  • 5. Eliminate or relieved snoring effectiveness
  • 6. Fits gently into nostrils, holding them wider apart and making breathing easier and quieter
  • 7. Unlocks nasal cavities and makes breathing easier, removing nasal obstruction. 
  • 8. Improves air flow
  • 9. Relieves the burden and pressure of the respiratory system and the circulatory system caused by hypoxia.
  • 10. Changes the habit of oral respiration during sleeping and reduces the incidence of upper respiratory infection. 
  • 1. Reduces snoring & breathing difficulties during sleep for  habitual mouth open sleepers. 
  • 2. Helps nose breathing during exercise
  • 3. Assists the elderly towards nose breathing
  • 4. Product Size: 1.8*1.5*0.6cm
  • 5. Box size: 4.5*4.5cm
Direct Bed Reviews
Top Notch Experience
Bronf Mui verified Buyer on 10/28/2018
“Great customer service and friendly delivery guys. Extremely happy with the quality of the beds for such an affordable price. Highly recommend Direct Bed to everyone in the GTA.”
Honestly the best!
Veronica Read Verified Buyer on 11/17/2018
I’ve purchased from them two different times,
One a box spring another a queen sized mattress
One got delivered that same day and the other the day after!
Customer service is A+ quality and they go over and beyond to help you find what you’re looking for.
Super polite & honest people!
I will recommend them to anyone& everyone!
They defiantly deserve five stars
Best experience ever....
Anita Agar Verified Buyer 10/19/2018
I bought a bed online, sight unseen...needed a bed ASAP for a live-in caregiver for my dad. I couldn’t find anyone to deliver a bed fast until I stumbled on I trusted the online a really nice bed, great price, delivered and set up the same day. Why would I ever buy a bed anywhere else? I especially appreciated the online chat...I described what I needed and wanted and got great service at a great price.
Fast delivery
Misha Bourget Verified Buyer 10/19/2018
Fast delivery. Friendly service. Comfortable mattresses at a economical price. I wish I could give more than 5 stars!!
Reasons why anybody should go for DirectBed
Hinani Priyadarshini Verified Buyer 10/19/2018
Directbed is the best cz -
- Superfast delivery
- Great range of products
- Economical price (as compared to many furniture selling outlets)
- bed I ordered ie. Algonquin mattress is worth the price and very comfy.
- Exchange policy seems really good (although I could not find the need to use it)

Anti Snoring Kit Reviews
Very effective for Snoring, & to Ease Nasal Breathing
Brian S. Verified Buyer 05/21/2019
I bought these dilators to replace nasal strips I’ve been using to help nose breathing at night for the past year. The nasal strips would lose effectiveness as the night wore on. There are several sizes provided to choose a comfortable one, and you barely ntice them in after a couple minutes. I found these work great, and keep me from getting stuffed up throughout the full night. I highly recommend them.
They work
 Verified Buyer 05/20/2019
I think the snoring devices are great I would recommend this item. Really glad I bought them, I have been sleeping a lot better and I am able to breathe without getting stuffed up.
Joanne C.
Help to get the most air movement through your nose!
 Verified Buyer 04/19/2019
Great product! I am able to use them while training in Brazilian Jujitsu and have made a huge difference in my cardio. I have always struggled to breath normally through my nose due to a smaller than normal left nostril. The vents help keep both nostrils open to the maximum extent. They really help me breath through my nose while hard rolling.
Very happy with the results!
Best product I've used for snoring/sleep apnea
 Verified Buyer 04/29/2019
I've bought three different nose vents for my snoring. Out of all nose vents, these fit very well and actually stayed in. The problem with most of these nose vents were that they always fell out at night, making the vents useless. No complaints from the wife about my snoring keeping her up. Highly recommend!

Works great and arrived fast!
 Verified Buyer 11/26/2018
My husband snores quite a bit, this was ruining both of our quality sleep. So I bought him this Anti snoring jaw strap. First night of use and I could sleep through the whole night! I didn’t hear anything, and was actually pretty surprised. When I asked, he said it was great and the strap didn’t bother him, It really works and we highly recommend it.

So comfortable to wear when sleeping!
Justin,  Verified Buyer 11/26/2018
This is a really useful product.
I didn't even know this existed until I saw it here. My roommates say I snore every night and it really bothers them. I almost had to move out but this product is really helpful to have. It fits well around my head and is made of a good material. And especially, my roommates say they don’t hear me snore anymore!
Since purchasing this Chin Strap my problem has been solved
  Verified Buyer 12/04/2018
Great for dry mouth and snoring .
I have had trouble with dry mouth while sleeping for years! Since purchasing this Chin Strap my problem has been solved. I would recommend this product to anyone with a snoring problem or dry mouth and throat.
Thank you!
Would Recommend
  Verified Buyer 11/05/2018
I was a bit unsure of this product, but I'm glad I bought it. Wearing a chin strap can be an uncomfortable especially when dealing with sleep apnea, but after purchasing this model and wearing it nightly I am already seeing an improvement! The strap can be finicky, so you'll need to experiment and find the best fit. Once I get it though, I can fall asleep no problem.
Great Purchase! Well worth it.
  Verified Buyer 12/09/2018
Well worth it.
I’ve had snoring problems for a couple of years now. I live alone so snoring isn’t even the worst part. It’s that a lot of mouth breathing causing dry and stale breath. And would always wake up with a scratchy throat. Though I was a bit hesitant about this product, I tried it out and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! It was very comfortable, the fabric is very soft and I only woke up with a dry mouth once since getting this.
Better than Phillips
  Verified Buyer 02/19/2018
Very comfortable. Much better than the Phillips one I have been using. Price us good. Much cheaper than what they are asking on the Snoring Solutions website. It would be better if the straps were a little longer to go over your head and a little shorter to go behind your neck. Overall positive experience wearing it.
It really works!!!
  Verified Buyer 01/13/2018
I first thought, “ya right as if that’l work!” To my surprise, it works like a charm. Comfortable, I forget I have it on until morning. No more sawing logs all night long. This product could be a marriage saver!!
Strap is comfortable and works well.
  Verified Buyer 12/03/2018
I have not found any strap that fits well, i tried so many. But this strap really fits well over my face and I couldn’t be happier. Now I can stop buying so many different ones and just use this.
  Verified Buyer 12/23/2018
Product arrived quickly and as described. They were even nice enough to send me another one free for no reason 😅 very nice of them. Took some time to adjust it to fit but after that works as intended.
Stopped snoring
  Verified Buyer 12/23/2018
Stopped my husband’s snoring when he wears it. He said it takes some time to get used to wearing.
How much is a good nights sleep worth to you?
  Verified Buyer 12/06/2018
I have been using this product for only a few days, but it is phenomenal. I sleep with a mouth-guard, and have a heavy beard, and I snore like a lawnmower inexplicably still running underwater, so heading into this I was a little skeptical.
My skepticism was unfounded.
My snoring stopped. How can I be so sure? I recorded myself.
In closing, this is a great product, well worth the price, and I am happy to no longer sound like a chainsaw trying desperately to get through a wet bag of flour when I am trying to get some sleep.
5 Stars - Works Amazingly
  Verified Buyer 12/20/2018
Great job on this one, keep up the good work, the product is very useful I like it, very nice I already recommended this product to a couple of my friends.
No more machine!
  Verified Buyer 01/03/2018
It certainly is better than using the mask and CPAP machine!
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